Deploying the SFTP file mediation sample project

Following this guide, you can deploy and test the sample project SFTP file mediation in IPS.


  1. You should have password-based access to two SFTP locations, read access to one and write access to the other. (If you do not have access to 2 servers, you can use 2 directories on the same server, one as the source and the other as the destination.)

  2. If you haven’t already done so,

    • define a container image with user adroitlogic, name ips-worker and tag 17.07 (you can utilize the Select Existing button on the container image creation page to use the already defined image from the image repository).

    • create a cluster using the abovementioned container image.


  1. Navigate to the project creation page.

  2. Click the Select a Sample button and select the SFTP File Mediation sample.

  3. Click Next and wait for IPS to download the sample XPR from the repository, after which you will be automatically navigated to the Configure page.

  4. Modify the following properties on the project version using Edit buttons against each, and click Next.

    hostname (or IP address) of the source SFTP server


    username for accessing the source SFTP server


    password for accessing the source SFTP server


    path on the source SFTP server from which the source file should be fetched

    hostname (or IP address) of the destination SFTP server


    username for accessing the destination SFTP server


    password for accessing the destination SFTP server


    path on the destination SFTP server where the resulting file should be placed

    In certain cases you may have to modify other parameters as well, such as the SFTP source port (sftp-file-mediation-flow.sftp-ingress-connector.port) and SFTP destination port (sftp-file-mediation-flow.sftp-egress-connector.port) based on your SFTP server configurations.
    Ensure that the directories you specify are already available on the SFTP server, including the destination file path.
    Since the pods in the IPS environment are running in their own network partition, the addresses you specify for the SFTP servers should be non-link-local, i.e. if your SFTP server is running on your own host (localhost) you should either bind it to the address of a different interface, e.g. if your IPS VM is on an network, and use that address in the configuration.
  5. In the Assign page, select the cluster you have created previously, and click Deploy Now.

  6. You will be directed to the Deployments perspective of the selected cluster, with the new project added automatically to the Pending Updates list.

  7. Click Deploy and wait for the progress bar to indicate successful completion of the deployment.


  1. As explained in the sample documentation, place a suitable JSON input file in the source SFTP directory.

  2. After the ESB picks up and processes the input file, the output file with modified name would be available in the destination SFTP directory.

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