Deploying the JMS Transactions sample project

By following this guide, you can deploy and test the sample project JMS Transactions in IPS.

This document aims at providing project property configurations and steps involved in the testing process. In order to familiarize yourself with the overall deployment steps involved, please read the guide on How to Run a Sample Project.


An ActiveMQ broker running on your host machine (if you intend to use a broker running on a different machine, change the IP address under the Configurations section accordingly)


  1. Change the IP address on the activeMq.brokerURL property to reflect the host-only IP address of your host machine (e.g. tcp://

  2. No port mappings are required during deployment of this project.


After running the project, follow the documentation to test the sample.

You can use the UltraStudio toolbox JMS client for sending the message to the requestQueue Destination Name of your ActiveMQ broker instance, using an ActiveMQ JMS Configuration.
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