Project and Project Version

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

Project is the unit that consists the user’s application logic to be run inside the ESB. A project may consists with one or more message flows represented as Integration Flows. These integration flows contain the instructions of how to perform the connectivity and processing with the external systems. An Integration Flow is composed with multiple connectors and processing elements. To have a clear insight of the project and integration flows from a developer perspective, refer to this.

Building a Project

Users can create a project manually by defining integration flows in configuration flies and bundling required libraries in the project archive. But the recommended way to create a project is, using Adroitlogic Ultra Studio which is a graphical drag and drop Integration Flow generator built on top of Intellij IDE. Once the integration flows of the project are defined in the Ultra Studio, users can easily export the project in to a <project_name.xpr> archive.

Uploading a project to IPS

Once a project is built manually or with the support of Ultra Studio, it can be uploaded to IPS in order to expose the particular project to the ESB instances inside IPS. There are two methods to upload a project to IPS

  • Uploading the built project archive through IPS dashboard.

  • Uploading directly through Ultra Studio.

Project Version

For a particular project, there could be more than one version that consists of feature updates or bug fixes of previous ones. IPS provides the facility for users to keep such versions stored and select the preferred version at the phase of deployment.

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