Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPS?

IPS (AdroitLogic Integration Platform) is a stack designed to easily and conveniently deploy, manage and monitor AdroitLogic’s high-performance UltraESB instances on a public or private cloud environment. IPS facilitates seamless management of any number of ESB instances on hundreds of physical/ virtual hosts with guarantees such as hassle-free automatic configuration updates, self-healing and detailed monitoring.

What is IPS made of?

Integration Platform relies on Docker as the containerization medium, and is built using, and operates on top of, the Kubernetes container orchestration framework. We also currently support deployments on OpenShift Container Platform. Preliminary deployment support is also available for the AWS-offered EC2 Container Service (ECS).

How will IPS help my business?

Together with AdrotLogic UltraStudio, the intuitive graphical integration solutions developer, IPS provides a complete end-to-end toolchain where you can design, develop, test, deploy and fully manage your business integration workflow.

How can I try out IPS to see if it suits me?

Currently we offer a free, 30-day evaluation version of IPS as a standalone, single-instance runtime on top of VirtualBox. You can download and run it from here, and try out most of the features of IPS by following our documentation guides and ready-made samples.

How can I develop my own solution for deployment in IPS?

UltraStudio is the default plugin for developing integration solutions on top of the Project-X framework. Any integration project developed using UltraStudio can be deployed in IPS, either directly from the IDE or by generating and uploading the deployment artifact (XPR file). For more information on developing such integration solutions, please refer to the UltraStudio documentation.

I receive an error while running IPS / IPS does not behave as it is supposed to be (or as described in the documentation).

Please refer to our troubleshooting guide to check whether the particular issue you are facing is already enlisted there. Generally the guide would be capable of providing a suitable solution; if not, please contact us with details of your problem (what you did, what happened and what you expected) so that we can get back to you.

I already tried out IPS, and I like it. How can I proceed to use it for my business/enterprise?

Please contact us (or email us) with details of our use case so that we can negotiate and come up with a suitable production subscription option for you. Based on your use case and your willingness to become a reference customer you might also be eligible for a generous discount.

I tried out IPS, and I feel there’s (significant) room for improvement. How can I convey my ideas/suggestions/complaints to you?

We love feedback of all sorts from our customers! If you have any kind of feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or email; we will definitely consider it for the next release. Depending on your specific concern or requirement we may even be able to provide you with a pre-release version before the actual enhancement is publicly released.

I would like to learn how IPS works.

We have a few architectural references, such as one on IPS itself and another on the main features of Kubernetes leveraged by IPS. If you have more specific questions (e.g. on how a particular component of IPS works), feel free to write to us so we can attempt to provide more details.

Where can I read more about IPS?

  • Our documentation space is a great place to get started, with resources ranging from beginner level all the way to advanced deployments.

  • If you are looking for details on the mechanics of the underlying Project-X framework, refer to the Project-X documentation space.

  • For more details on how IPS will cater for your business integration requirements, consult our white paper and datasheet.

  • Search for "AdroitLogic IPS" on the internet to gain access to a wide array of resources about IPS, including introductory articles and presentations, installation and deployment guides, use cases, and much more.

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